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Paddling on the Potomac near Key Bridge

Flat-water kayaking is a fun high-energy, low-impact exercise for most age groups. The waterways of the Washington, D.C. area offer a variety kayaking experiences at reasonable prices. Within a few miles of each other, kayakers can experience urban and bucolic settings. Many kayak rental locations are accessible by popular bike trails; some are even located near Metro and bus stops.

dc broomball!

Played on a rink like ice hockey, but in shoes with a “broom” and ball instead of on skates with a hockey stick and puck.

William plays in the Capitol Broomball league. The league hosts 3 or 4 seasons annually as well as pick-up games.


career digital professional

over 50 launches and redesigns

associations, MSM, federal experience


A web professional my entire career, I’ve worked with a mainstream media company, a global scientific & medical association and several federal clients. I enjoy the process of helping stakeholders from interdisciplinary teams tell their story on the web.