The final weekend of the 2023 DC Kayaking season looks spectacular

Pushing 80° right before Halloween? Amazing. DC kayakers finally get a break! Perhaps it’s a make-up call by Mother Nature after several weeks of rainy Saturdays. The earlier than normal foliage is also something to look forward too, though we’re not quite a peak yet.

DC Kayaking Map

Updated October 28, 2023

Some kayak rental locations in the outlying areas may remain open, but not many and not for long. Boating in DC sometimes opens up Thompson Boat House if weather permits the first weekend of November. 

Next year

Speaking of Boating in DC, they have discounted 2024 Season Passes through October 31. Full discloser: I buy a season pass annually and while I endorse DC Kayaking generally, I do not endorse any specific vendor.